Professional 8 Channels Full 1080P Digital Video Recorder DVR

Frequently Asked Questions

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Digital Video Recorder DVR

What is the default password?
Our DVR doesn't have default password. Username : admin and no password.

Why the DVR doesn't record?
1) please make sure that it has hard drive installed inside the DVR. 2) if you confirm it has hard drive inside, please login to main menu, advanced, hdd management. normally, it will has all the information about the hard drive disk space. if it doesn't have any info on left hand windows, please contact our tech support. 3) if the info page have all the information of the hard drive, please make sure it is under read/write and normal status.

Why the DVR doesn't record when I enable the motion detect function?
1) Please make sure that the "record ch" is highlighted. 2) go to region setting, please make sure that all the screen in pink or blue color. If the screen boxes is clear, it means it is blocked motion detect in that area. If it is still doesn't work, please contact our tech support team

How to find firmware and update?
Normally, we don't suggest our customer update the firmware except the DVR has problem. If you suspect the DVR has problem, please contact our Tech support first and we will help you to determine the problem.

Security Cameras

Why we don't sell wireless camera?
1) It is not completely wireless because you still have to run the power for the camera. 2) wireless camera still have signal loss problem when it get interference such as raining.

What is lens size?
Smaller size of Lens have wider angles but shorter viewing distance.


When I login to the DVR remotely by cell phone with xmeye, why it shows Max user error?
Our DVR can only support one mobile streaming. You can only use one cell phone or tablet to login at a time. Second, Please make sure that you use the admin account and password to login when you connect the DVR by cell phone or tablet.

Why the xmeye shows connect successfully but it has black screen?
Please login to the DVR main menu, system, encode, make sure that the right hand column's video is enabled.

Why Xmeye shows offline or not connected?
1) Login to main menu, go to "system" section, go to "Network" page. Make sure "DHCP" is enabled. 2) please make sure you connect the DVR to correct port of the router or try to replace a new network cable.


Longer than 200ft, what kind of cable do we need?
From 200ft - 350ft, buyer have to buy the roll of siamese cable. If it is longer than 350ft, to prevent signal loss, buyer have to use Cat5E or Cat6 cable with Balun adapter.

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